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Procreate gold gradient brushes and palettes

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This set is a dream for jewellery creators. You will never run short of gold palettes. After months of hard word, I carefully picked 18 palettes.

Now you can also create professional gold gradients just in Procreate. You don’t need the skills of Photoshop anymore. Create gold art with the help of this kit. You get 18 guide brushes and 18 gold colour palettes. I have also made a YouTube video which shows how to create them. Here is the link for the video

How to create a gold gradient:

Choose which gradient you want to create. Choose a guide and stamp it. Go to the same gold palette (the names of guides and palettes are same) and now start painting each colour in the guide. Go to guassian blur and blur it Until you are happy with the result. So easy it is.

What you will get: 

18 gold gradient guides

18 gold colour palettes

You can sell the gradients created with this kit. You can also sell any products you created with them.

You will get a ZIP (282KB) file

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