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Procreate alcohol ink brushes and stamps. Ethereal ink brushes for iPad and iPad Pro

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Create beautiful and dreamy alcohol ink art in Procreate. This brushes set lets you create anything you can imagine. Let your creativity flow with these beauties. You will have endless possibilities from stamps to brushes. 

I made real alcohol ink art and scanned it with a professional scanner.I tested each and every brush to make sure that the quality and setting was perfect. 

You will get a huge bundle of brushes which include:

🖊1 Alcohol blending brush (acts like alcohol)

🖊5 alcohol ink pattern brushes (combine different patterns to create your own individual art)

🖊4 colour changing brushes (the colours will automatically change as you move your Apple Pencil)

🖊alcohol ink droplets (add droplets to your alcohol ink art)

🖊2 alcohol ink brushes 

🖊5 glitter brushes (no clipping mask needed. What a relief)

🖊3 ribbon brushes 

🖊6 whispy ink stamps 

🖊1 ink droplets stamp

🖊8 airbrushed ink stamps

🖊 3 background stamps (these are alcohol ink art stamps)

🖊4 flower stamps 

🖊 3 leaves stamps

🖊 3 stem stamps 

🖊 1 heart stamp 

🖊11 Brush stroke stamps

🖊1 canvas texture brush 

🖊1 paper texture brush

🖊 1 colour palette(it includes 6 colours for the glitter brushes)

All the brushes come in a single file so you don't need to download each brush individually. 

You will get the following files: