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Procreate brush strokes set of 27 stamps, Hand drawn brushes, Strokes for digital planner, cards, social media etc. Procreate stamps

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This brush strokes set is ideal for creating stickers for planners. You can use them for social media, hand lettering, creating clip art, greeting cards, wedding cards etc. The possibilities are endless. This set includes 27 brushes. Each one of them is hand painted hand has unique texture and design. You can also add you own patterns and designs. Just create the stamp, add a new photo or file and there you go. You have created your own unique brush stroke.

The Stamps are are non pressure sensitive which means they can be used with any model of iPad and Apple Pencil.

These are very high quality stamps. You won't have blurry strokes when you are creating a high resolution file or zoom in.


You can sell any artwork or clip art you create with these stamps. You can sell them unlimited numbers of times. 

If you have any questions, feel free to message me. I will be more than happy to help you

What you will get:

A set of 27 procreate brush stamps.


Download the set.Choose open in Procreate. Now your set will be added to Procreate. 


Download the set. Choose air drop to iPad. Now choose open in Procreate. The set will be added to Procreate.

You will get a ZIP (7MB) file

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