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Procreate washi tape stamps

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Create your very own washi tape stickers in procreate. This set includes four stamp brushes. You can create four different types of washi tapes. You can also increase and reduce the size as you like. Just tap the Apple Pencil on the screen and your stamp is created. To add texture to your washi tape, insert a new file or image. make sure that the texture is on the new layer. Now choose clipping mask. Your washi tape sticker is created.

If you want to give it a realistic look, duplicate the washi tape you just created. Move the top layer a bit. Select the layer underneath it. colour it black. Unselect it. Reduce the opacity and do a bit of gaussian blur and it is done.

What you will get:

A set of 4 procreate brush stamps.


Download the set.Choose open in Procreate. Now your set will be added to Procreate. 


Download the set. Choose air drop to iPad. Now choose open in Procreate. The set will be added to Procreate.

If you have any questions or you are experiencing problems with your download, please contact me. I will try to reply as soon as possible.

You will get a BRUSHSET (111KB) file